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Hornets set to sign Dominic McGuire

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

According to the Times-Picayune, the Hornets will be adding Dominic McGuire to the roster.

The reasons are presumably twofold. One, Jason Smith's torn labrum is a significant injury so he's likely to miss quite a bit of time. Two, it's been no secret that the organization has taken note of the lack of production this season at small forward.

The book on McGuire is pretty straightforward: athletic forward with strong defensive and rebounding skills. However, his poor offensive skills have made him a dime a dozen player; thus at 27 years of age, he's already a well traveled journeyman with stops in Charlotte, Golden State, Sacramento, Toronto and Washington. Hmm, a poor man's Trevor Ariza?

Maybe. Although the expectations should be temperered, this move may be more beneficial than having just another body at the end of the bench. Bringing in a veteran to challenge the youngsters could be positive for the growth of Al-Farouq Aminu, Xavier Henry and Darius Miller. If there's one thing we've witnessed with this trio, they still make a ton of errors related to inexperience.

However, somewhere in the recesses of our brains, warning bells are probably going off with just cause. Williams has in the past preferred to roll with a grizzled veteran for the sake of winning now. At least through his eyes. Many fans have lamented how both Willie Green and Jarrett Jack sometimes received too much court time. Now that our team is focused strictly on the long-term future hopefully Monty won't resort back to his old ways.