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Tuesday Discussion Thread: The Forwards

Tyler Kaufman-US PRESSWIRE

In the absence of Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis, two players that the Hornets declined options on -- Xavier Henry and Al-Farouq Aminu -- have seen their stories become central to the young season.

Henry's ostensibly the current starting small forward after long absences through injury for much of the past year. And Aminu lost his job (and even a prominent bench role) last week, drawing a relatively harsh critique from Monty Williams for lack of effort.

So for today, an open discussion topic: who do you think should be starting right now? Does Henry's ability to space the floor deserve some consideration? (He's now shooting 10 for 20 on threes with the Hornets and while that's a nonexistent sample, his 42% three rate in college was one of the reasons he was rated so highly in the first place). How much of the blame does Aminu deserve for being the primary perimeter defender on the league's worst defense?

Was Aminu's benching justified? What would be your pecking order among Aminu, Henry, and Darius Miller? And thinking a bit longer term possibly, what would Aminu or Henry need to accomplish this season to merit a return (likely in the $3-4M range) next season?

Henry's, Aminu's and Miller's advanced lines from B-R are embedded here for reference: