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Monday Dinosaurs

Mariana Ruiz Villarreal LadyofHats || Public Domain

Happy Monday!

Today's dino is the Afrovenator:

Afrovenator was a theropod dinosaur from the mid Jurassic Period of northern Africa. It was a bipedal meat-eating, three-fingered, stiff-tailedpredator that had 2-inch-long bladelike teeth. It was related to Allosaurus. Fossils have been found in Abaka, Niger in the southern Sahara desert. A nearly complete Afrovenator was found in 1993. It is the most complete Cretaceous period carnivore found in Africa so far.

And some Hornets things.

- Eric Gordon will complete the remainder of his rehab in Los Angeles.

- Jimmy Smith writes at the Times-Pic about the impact that bench has had so far this season.

- The Times-Pic also has some video of Monty Williams discussing the Mullens-Davis dustup from Friday.