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The New Hornets Camp. Who Are They?

Enough with the "Big 3", we'll have plenty of more time to talk about Gordon, Davis and Anderson as the season unfolds. Lets take a closer look at the Hornets "New 3", the 3 players Demps and Co. brought into training camp to compete for a spot on the team; Solomon Alabi, Dominique Morrison and Chris Wright.

Alabi, 24, whose full name is actually Makafan Solomon Alabi (I see why he just goes by his middle name now), is entering his 3rd NBA season and 1st with the Hornets. He spent his first two years in the league playing sparingly for the Toronto Raptors, who acquired his rights from the Dallas Mavericks on draft day 2010 (who had the year previously acquired the pick used to take him, 2nd round 50th overall, and Roddy Beaubois from Oklahoma City in exchange for the immortal Byron Mullens). Alabi averaged just over 2 points and 3 rebounds a game last year for Toronto in exactly 7 minutes per game. He now becomes the third 7-footer on the Hornets roster (joining Jason Smith and Robin Lopez in that distinction) but the rest of his game leaves something to be desired. Here's his grade from our friends over at Raptors HQ on his performance from last season-as you can guess "Solo" as he was nicknamed by our Raptor-cheering brethren, is a major work in progress who will probably bounce around the league yet stay employed because of the aforementioned fact that he is over 7-feet tall (that tends to help in this league).

Chances of making the final 15-man roster: 10%

Wright, 22, should not be confused with the OTHER young Chris Wright in the NBA, formerly of the Dayton Flyers and Golden State Warriors and now with the Toronto Raptors. This is the 6-foot 1-inch guard Chris Wright from Georgetown that some of you may remember from Big East games of yesteryear. Wright spent 2011 playing for Olin Edirne of the Turkish professional league and was brought in on a non-guaranteed deal. If he play evokes that of his best days as a Hoya, he might be able to challenge Brian Roberts for the third point guard spot on the team. Most likely he is just training camp fodder and can showcase his skills for other teams on the preseason stage.

Chances on making the final 15-man roster: 5%

Morrison, 22, was the 2012 Summit League player of the year (woo-hoo!) and led his Oral Roberts Golden Eagle to a 17-1 conference record and an NIT berth after they got knocked out in the conference tourney. Morrison is a 6-foot 6-inch forward who averaged 16 PPG his senior year but also comes in on a non-guaranteed deal. Unless he completely overshadows Al-Farouq Aminu with his play or dreadlocks, Morrison will most likely be the first guy to be cut from camp. With the glut of forwards already on the roster, New Orleans is not the best place for an aspiring baller such as Morrison to catch on.

Chances on making the final 15-man roster: 0%