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Joerim | Creative Commons

Happy Monday!

I've got a medley of assorted dinos to start off your week. Also, Hornets things.

- The picture up top features four Jurassic dinosaurs - Machimosaurus, Cetiosauriscus, Hybodus, and Aspidorhynchus. I'll let the artist (via Wikipedia) take it from here:

The giant teleosaur Machimosaurus stumbles arcross the bitten off frontleg of a Cetiosauriscus (the carcass was probably torn to pieces by a big pliosaur), while the shark Hybodus (originally swimming along with a school of Aspidorhynchus) waits for the teleosaur to go, so that he can eat the remaining parts. This scene is supported by fossil finds which were done in Europe. The layers in which the fossils were found date from te Jurassic-Cretaceous border.

That is just the coolest. Neat stuff, Wiki user 'Joerim'!

- Slightly less cool is the fact that Eric Gordon may miss the rest of the preseason. The good (?) part of the bad news is that it sounds like he'll miss these games due to conditioning issues, not the knee itself. Kind of good? Maybe?

- The Hornets held an open scrimmage Saturday, and the Times-Pic has the coverage. Quoth Jimmy Smith:

Right after Davis dived over and into two rows of court-side seats for a loose ball in the first half, Coach Monty Williams looked over at the clock operator and said, 'That's it; running clock now."


- Dirk Nowitzki had arthroscopic surgery on his knee on Friday, and it looks like he'll be out for six weeks. He joins Kevin Love on a decently crowded preseason injury list, and hopefully we can see all of these guys back in action very soon.

- New Orleans takes on Dallas tonight at 7:30 CST. It will be televised in Dallas, so if you live outside the New Orleans blackout zone and you have League Pass (like me!), you'll get to see some hot Anthony Davis action. Otherwise, no dice. Whatever the case is though, make sure to stop by our Gamethread this evening and talk some Hornets basketball.

- Go Hornets and have an excellent Monday.