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Tuesday Links

Hornets links for Tuesday, October 2nd

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

- Hornets Vice President Joshua Richardson apparently attempted to board a plane yesterday with a (possibly loaded) gun. The TSA is reviewing the case.

- The Daily Mail, the British website most well known for inventing stories out of thin air, claims that the gun was initially missed by screeners in New Orleans.

- A new analysis indicates that Duke had a 0.62% chance of winning the infamous Duke-UNC encounter in February, won by Austin Rivers at the buzzer.

A recap of some media day action:

- First, here's our story stream, with links to some of the more interesting aspects of media day.

- Via the Times-Pic, Eric Gordon is apparently "not concerned about his sore right knee," whatever that means.

- Lance Thomas is apparently in some hot water with the NCAA and Duke over alleged jewelry purchases.

- And last but not least, definitely, definitely, definitely check out the Media Day recaps published by the Best of New Orleans Blog and Hornets247. Top-notch coverage from both sites.