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FunkMonk (Creative Commons)

Good afternoon Hivites. Here's some Hornets stuff and some dinosaur stuff.

- Let's start with the dinosaur stuff. Up today is the Haplocanthosaurus:

Like other sauropods, including its better-known cousin Apatosaurus, Haplocanthosaurus had massive, pillar-like legs and a long neck and tail. In life, it probably was more than 72 feet long and 14 feet tall at the hips. It likely weighed about 25 tons. It had a small head and jaws filled with blunt teeth that it used to graze on plants.

Happy needed a massive amount of plant material to sustain itself. It could not have ground the plants it ate; instead it probably relied on a stomach full of gastric stones and gut full of beneficial bacteria to digest its food.

- Monty Williams says he's going to be tightening up the rotation real soon, which means we might see something approximating the regular season roster tomorrow night. Exciting!

- Williams also says Anthony Davis is more likely to see minutes at small forward than Ryan Anderson. That dovetails with Anderson's minutes distribution during his time as a Magician as well - he was always more likely to be found playing center than small forward in Orlando.

- And more injury news, sadly. Jason Smith apparently hurt his shoulder in practice yesterday.