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So, a new thing

Charles R. Knight - U.S. Public Domain

Definitely in my top 1 favorite internet writers is the online webblogger Seth R., the head toaster/poster at Posting and Toasting. For many years, Seth's looked to various animal and, more recently, bird bros to deliver New York Knicks news. For instance.

I've been threatening to copy him for a while now, and today it finally happens: dinosaurs! Dinosaurs. Now, you can take in your daily Eric Gordon injury updates while keeping abreast of fresh Anklyosaurus takes all at once! Welcome. (Though before you get your hopes up: the state of modern Anklyosaurus journalism lies in shambles.)

We kick things off with the chaps pictured above - Edmontosauruses. Here's a link on them:

Like all hadrosaurids, Edmontosaurus had a broad snout, long jaws, and large eyes. The snout probably had a horny covering that closed against the horny covering of the lower jaw. This was how the animal bit off leaves and branches from shrubs and low-lying boughs. To chew the food, the animal had many teeth behind its beak that were arranged in a grinding pattern. The teeth, plus the many replacement teeth (there were often a thousand or more in the jaws) formed what is called the dental battery. Edmontosaurus, and all other hadrosaurids, were able to move their jaws slightly side-to-side. This made them successful plant-eaters.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Eric Gordon injury news.

- Monty Williams hopes that Eric Gordon will play a couple times before preseason ends, and it sounds like Gordon is doing some drills/rehab work. I'm basically at the point where I don't trust any Eric Gordon news I read until he's actually back on the floor, and even that, I'm sure, will continue to be a pins-and-needles type deal.

- Jason Smith, out with a sore back, may be in line for a Thursday return.

- Hey, here's a local news story that questions why the Hornets need good facilities, or indeed, why they should even exist!

- Jason Calmes has done a great job uncovering some TV details for this upcoming season.

- And more injury stuff: Anthony Davis practiced yesterday.