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Sunday Discussion: The Guard Rotation

Who do you think should see the most minutes at the guard spots?

Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

We've talked at length about the fluidity of this current Hornets roster, with multiple important players (Anthony Davis, Ryan Anderson, and Jason Smith in particular) with the ability to man multiple positions. The backcourt always seemed a bit less amoebic, though. Greivis Vasquez was penciled in as the starting point guard, and Eric Gordon felt steady at starting shooting guard, with Roger Mason backing up Gordon and... someone else backing up Vasquez.

Now I'm not so sure. Gordon's injury status seems to grow more puzzling by the week, and that aforementioned "someone else" now happens to be Brian Roberts, who's looked a hell of a lot more confident than Vasquez through 4 preseason games. Don't get me wrong: the odds of Brian Roberts - the soon to be 27 year old NBA rookie - being a competent NBA starter are very, very low. But given how crisp his game has looked so far, it's not crazy to question the total minutes allocation in the backcourt.

So for today's Sunday discussion, let's toss a few questions on the table. What's your guard rotation if Eric Gordon is completely healthy? And how does that change if Gordon misses, let's say, half of all Hornets games in 2012-2013? And where does Austin Rivers - who's looked alternately competent and very poor - factor into all of this?