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Three Things to Look Forward to in February

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The 2011-12 Hornets' season so far has been painful to say the least; a 4-17 record filled with tough losses has been difficult to digest. However, do not despair Hornets' fans! A new month begins tomorrow, and presents a great chance for N'awlins to rebound from a poor start. The schedule reads 14 games in 29 days (leap month), including two back-to-backs and one back-to-back-to-back. So what are three things to look forward to? Click the jump to find out!

1. Watching New Orleans take on Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls - twice

Chicago enters the Hive on the 8th, and the Hornets travel to the Windy City on the 28th, making it a pair of games that New Orleans plays Derrick Rose, something that every fan should be excited to see. I was lucky enough to watch D-Rose in person last season when he took on the Nets in Newark, and the guy is absolutely incredible. His athleticism is off the charts, and he makes shots that absolutely blow your mind. Rose's body control in mid-air is breathtaking, and his competitive nature has him playing at 100% every second he is on the floor. I doubt that Jarrett Jack will be able to get in front of the reigning MVP, and Rose should be able to get his at a crazy rate in these two games.

2. The Hornets play on ESPN against the Knicks

On the 17th Hornets fans get to see their team travel to world-famous Madison Square Garden and play Amar'e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, and the New York Knickerbockers. It has been a tough and disappointing season for the Knicks, who came into this year expecting to be very competitive and be a dark-horse for the Eastern Conference crown. Instead, New York is currently sitting with a 7-13 record and a boatload of questions surrounding the team as some believe coach Mike D'Antoni should be let go, while others blame the front office for a poor effort in assembling the proper pieces around the two superstars. With the return of Baron Davis on the horizon, things may be looking up for the Knicks and by the end of the season they may be able to return to playoff contention. However, there is still a very good chance that on the 17th they remain a mediocre team and the Hornets get a solid chance at winning on the national stage.

3. The Return of Eric Gordon (Hopefully)

The best player by far on the talent-deprived roster of the Hornets' may finally play again sometime during February. On January 26th, Monty WIlliams said that Gordon would be out about three more weeks. That puts him at a return around the middle of the month, and maybe even in time for the ESPN game. Gordon's return would be a big, big thing for all New Orleans' fans because of his position as the future of this team. Sure, he may not have been extended before the deadline, but there is still a good shot that the organization will lock him up for four to five years during the offseason. The questions surrounding his knee linger, but if he can remain healthy, Eric Gordon can become a superstar in this league. He is a supremely talented scorer with the ability to be a playmaker if need be. along with two young players from this year's upcoming draft, he will be the face of the franchise moving forward. Let's hope that Gordon can come back strong and provide a bright spot in an otherwise dreary season.