Antwawn Jamison for Amar'e Stoudemire?


We recently looked at a Stoudemire-KG swap that would have given New York just as much cap space. Don’t think Gilbert would also bite? Think again. Crazy as it may sound for an NBA owner in a small market, Gilbert has shown a willingness to dole out big money to accelerate the rebuilding process. In addition to the trade that swapped Mo Williams’ $17 million in remaining salary for Baron Davis’ $29 million (and eventually netted the Cavs the first overall pick), Gilbert attempted to trade for Richard Hamilton (again, acquiring both an undesirable contract in exchange for a 1st round pick as compensation) last year only to have the Pistons back out. Yes, Amare’s contract is a huge gamble, especially considering his un-insurable knees. But with that said, he is a borderline top-15 talent in the league, a commodity usually not available for the low-low price of an expiring contract. IF the Knicks continue to struggle into March and IF Dwight Howard is still chilling like a villain (without an extension, that is) in Orlando…if you can buy into the Knicks looking to dump Stoudemire, the Cavs would be the perfect fit.