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Hornets 102 Spurs 104: Duncan Faced

I was supposed to write a recap for this one, but I cannot bring myself to delve any further into this game. Tanking is one thing, but losing painfully close games one after the other is starting to wear on me. In short, Jarrett Jack played great and kept the team in it late when baskets were otherwise hard to come by. I know he still catches a ton of dung thrown his way, but Jack seriously plays 100% for every minute he is on the court. He did everything he could in this one, and the Hornets still came up short. His reverse layup late in the fourth was a thing of beauty. Carl Landry had his post game on point again tonight and if I was his coach I would make him run laps anytime he took a jump shot. Emeka had a solid game, despite Tim Duncan's 28 points. Mek's short jumper is apparently not a fluke, but a legitimate new weapon developed late into his career. Arizra chipped in all over the court, and the Hornets struggled when he (and Jack) were not on the court. The offense really struggled when Jack was out of the game, as Greivis Vasquez could not get anything going when he was the only ball-handler on the court. Xavier Henry did not play despite what we heard before the game. Ayon did not play either. That's it for now. I may update this with some rational thoughts in the morning once I get some sleep. Please pick up the slack for me and chime in in the comments.

Here's a box score.

Also, a rare bit of good news for the Hornets as Marc Spears from Yahoo! had this to say earlier in the night:

After talks w/Hornets, Eric Gordon tells Y! possible contract extension in hands of NBA commish Stern and he's awaiting word. Deadline Wed.

Gordon adds to Y! he is interested in re-signing & team doc says injured knee is structurally sound & bball activities can resume in 3 wks.

It would appear that both Dell and Eric (and his representatives) have signed off on a deal that would keep the 23 year old here for 4 or 5 years, and it is down to the matter of getting approved by the de facto owner of the Hornets, Commissioner David Stern.