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Quick Hornets Updates 1/23 + Some Thoughts

Just a couple quick links from this morning along with an immediate reaction from me:

Jim Eichenhofer of Big Easy Buzz Blog has some quotes from Monty on Gordon from shootaround this morning:

"We’re finding out some stuff. We may not know (additional information) until later on this week. He’s still getting more testing done to make sure the diagnosis is correct. We won’t have any more information until probably Thursday or Friday." Asked what the reasons behind the examinations were, Williams said "he’s getting more testing because he is such a young player, and he’s such an important part of our future. We don’t want to gamble on something and come up wrong later."

Also, Joe Gerrity over at Hornets247 has as-of-yet unconfirmed reports that Eric Gordon has a fractured knee cap. A sample:

Monty Williams hinted two nights ago that Eric Gordon’s knee injury may be a bigger concern than previously disclosed. I’ve heard today that what the team termed a bumped knee may is more likely a fractured knee cap. Here’s why you remain optimistic if that’s the case.

Let me be clear that I haven’t confirmed this.

Update: The Hornets have told me that they do not have that diagnosis yet, and that they are running more tests and should know more later this week, which in no way means it’s not a fracture.

Joe goes on to argue why this wouldn't be the end of the world for the Hornets, and you should go read the rest of his article.

The possibility that Gordon has a serious injury and will miss significant time is definitely depressing for Hornets fans and would almost guarantee a trip to the top 3 or 5 spots in the lottery. If Gordon will indeed be out for awhile, the Hornets need to fully jump on the tank and start getting the younger guys some serious burn as well as trying to find landing spots for the vets that are potentially tradeable. In my opinion, Monty's quote can be interpreted in 1 of 2 ways (provided that Joe's report is accurate): 1) They are conducting more tests to be positive the possible diagnosis of a fractured knee cap is correct before shutting down Gordon for much of the season, or 2) The Hornets are fully aware of a fractured knee cap and are conducting tests to make sure that the injury will not be a long term issue or concern before committing to a 4 or 5 year extension. I suppose there is something to be said for playing the restricted free agent market for a player whose value with undoubtedly drop after not being able to make it through any of his 3 season without missing significant time, but I'd be more comfortable locking Gordon up and never having to deal with any crazy offers from Indiana or any other suitors or risk alienating Gordon with the Qualifying Offer to see him bolt a year later.

The deadline for Gordon to sign an extension is Wednesday, so we should get some news on that front by then. As far the extent of Gordon's injury, we may have to wait until Thursday or Friday before the team will officially say anything. Interesting week ahead of us. Stay tuned.