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Times-Pic: Eric Gordon Open To Long-Term Extension With Hornets

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Hat tip to RyanCaz for FanShotting this. Fanshooting? Fanshooting.

After Marc Stein reported yesterday that the Indiana Pacers are interested in trading for New Orleans Hornets guard Eric Gordon, the Times-Picayune's Jimmy Smith reports today that Gordon would indeed be open to a long term contract extension with the Hornets before Wednesday's extension deadline:

Shooting guard Eric Gordon said he’s willing to sign a long-term contract extension with the Hornets, who have until Wednesday to make that happen.

Gordon, who was ruled out for two to three weeks on Jan. 6 because of swelling in the knee after his second game — a 40-minute outing in a loss to the 76ers — says he’d have no problem putting his name on a long-term contract with the Hornets right now.

"I’m very open to a long-term extension," said Gordon, the seventh pick in the 2008 draft. "It’s all about having enough security to where I’m able to be here."

"You know they’ve told me they want me here, they want an extension," Gordon said. "But it’s all about what they think is the worth in me. They see that I’m capable of helping this team win, capable of playing hard every night offensively and defensively. Now it’s all about dealing with what I’m worth."


During a teleconference after the trade, Stern was asked if the league, as the team’s owner, would allow the Hornets to negotiate a large, potentially maximum-money extension for Gordon.

"The team is authorized to have any discussion that any other team can have," Stern said. "And so the answer to your questions is it can happen with current ownership or it can wait. It depends upon the player’s choice. ... I have to sign off on all major transactions."

Heartening stuff, for sure, both in light of Stein's story yesterday as well as's David Aldridge's column earlier in the week, which mentioned that the two sides appeared far from a deal.

It's unclear what Gordon would command in this current market, especially given his injury history, but one would imagine all contract talks will have at least a $10-$12M floor.