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ESPN: Indiana Pacers Interested In Trading for Eric Gordon

New, comments's Marc Stein reports today that the Pacers have long coveted Indiana native Eric Gordon, but that they've been rebuked in all their advances so far.

NBA front-office sources continue to say that Indiana native Eric Gordon is the Pacers' dream trade target, but Indy has yet to make serious progress in trade discussions with Gordon's new team (New Orleans), much like it struggled to get very far with his old team (L.A. Clippers). If the Pacers ever do make a legit run at Gordon, one presumes that they'd have to be willing to part with Danny Granger to bring Gordon back to Hoosierland, which figures to be more palatable than it sounds thanks to the presence of the promising Paul George.

The Hornets' deadline to agree a contract extension with Eric Gordon is January 25th, 2012 (next Wednesday). If the two sides cannot come to terms, Gordon would become a restricted free agent this summer. The Hornets would then have the opportunity to match any offer sheet that another team extends to Gordon and has him accept. Gordon would also be able to sign a one-year qualifying offer with New Orleans (should the Hornets extend that, in the absence of a long term deal) and become an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2013.