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4 or 5 Interested Buyers in the Hornets, and Other Thursday Stories

David Stern continues to stick to his guns that there is legitimate interest in the franchise. No names are mentioned, but there's perhaps the slightest semblance of growing momentum in the wake of the new Entergy sponsorship deal. [Times-Picayune]

The Times-Pic also has some more information on the Entergy deal itself, noting that it is likely in the $1 million range. And the march to 10,000 season tickets by mid September continues, with the team approaching 9000. [Times-Picayune]

James Grayson writes that Marco Belinelli isn't the answer as the team's knock down shooter, but that Trevor Ariza is probably the bigger problem. [Swarm and Sting]

"It’s been nearly seven years since Katrina, and there are some people who still seem to genuinely root against the city. If you haven’t noticed (I kid, you have obviously noticed), the Hornets get a disproportionate amount of negative coverage and commentary from other NBA fans and even the media to some extent."

A terrific read from Joe Gerrity about the tendency of many national commenters to write off the city of New Orleans without considering all the facts. Highly recommended. [Hornets247]

And finally, Marcus Banks will be participating in "the best summer league game ever." [Dime Mag]