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David West Continues Ruminating, Joe Alexander Moves to Russia, and Other Wednesday Notes

David West's rapid recovery seems to speed up by the week, and it looks like he will be ready for the 2011-2012 season regardless of when it starts. West spoke with's David Aldridge from Orlando where he, like Chris Paul a week earlier, was watching an AAU team he supports.

Outside of the update on his recovery schedule - the expediency of which could certainly help land him a bigger, longer contract wherever he lands - West also provided one pretty interesting quote:

"Dallas getting to the Finals and winning it all, having a guy that was part of our core just a few years ago be on that team, it did something to me. It changed my mindset."

There are definitely multiple ways to read that. It's worth mentioning that all the customary "New Orleans is definitely an option" lines are to be found in all the usual places. But it's a very interesting line nonetheless.

In other news, Joe Alexander has signed for Russian side BC Krasnye Krylya. He's still only 24 and while he just didn't seem to be NBA ready skill-wise, his athleticism could quite easily propel him further in a European league. Best of luck to him; he has one of the more fascinating back stories among players entering the NBA in the last few years, and I hope he experiences some success with Krasnye.

Finally, Hornets247 has an in depth look at Chris Paul's trip to Manila, and Swarm and Sting reviews Paul's up and down season. Great reads, both.