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Carl Landry Says "Playing in New Orleans is Fine" and Other Monday Notes

"Fine" is one of those weird words. You don't use it when you're genuinely excited about something; it's a placeholder word, a stepping stone to loftier and more distinguished lexemes, like "fabulousor "orgiastic." And so, while it isn't the end of the world that Carl Landry opted to use it in his description of New Orleans, it also isn't, um, the beginning of the world. 

JCOnline goes on to report that Landry would be interested in playing for his hometown Milwaukee Buckaneers or to the immediate environs of his old college stomping rounds, Indianaville. It's hardly a sure sign that Landry will be leaving before we next see NBA basketball, but it's certainly a confirmation that, at 27, Landry will be willing to reciprocate the interest teams will surely have in him. 

And if you're interested in a more humorous side here, you're in luck. JCOnline also notes "this summer, Landry's priority is improving his 3-point shooting. He wants to become a consistent 3-point threat for the team that signs him." To be fair, Landry's only attempted 11 threes in his career so it could be a hidden talent. And if he really wants to help a team that needs 3-point shooting, he's certainly in the right place already.

In other news, the Ron Artest Ultimate Comedy Tour kicked off Friday night and Liberty Ballers' Mike Levin and I were happily (?) in attendance. We even wrote about it