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2011 NBA Draft Thread: Now With an Impossible Yet Delicious Contest!

Now, we Hornets fans have taken the draft a bit loosely this year. Since The Hornets don't have a lottery pick and Dell Demps traded our first round pick for Jarrett Jack, we kind of don't really care about the first round of the draft. And, since the Hornets are owned by the NBA, it's pretty unlikely that David Stern will be announcing that his franchise has traded into the first round.

That leaves the Hornets with the 45th overall pick. We shouldn't belittle the pick, as the Hornets stole Marcus Thronton with the 43rd overall pick in 2009. However, the second round is really just a crapshoot. So to make this draft a bit more interesting (and this thread a bit more interesting), I'm turning this into an awesome contest under the jump.

If anybody correctly guesses in this thread prior to the start of the second round who/what the Hornets will pick, I will ship you five jars of my mom's homemade salsa. I believe that Rohan can attest to its deliciousness, so this is a pretty awesome prize. If anybody can actually figure out who we're going to pick, I'd say they more than deserve it.

Now for actual information about the draft, first from

Demps has been to Europe several times, looking for the diamond-in-the-rough player in the mold of Manu Ginobili or J.J. Barea.

He has been to Minnesota and New Jersey and Kentucky and seemingly half of the states in the continental United States looking for a player to grab at No. 45, the Hornets only pick in the draft.

Demps, though, isn't blind to the fact that a mid-second round selection is less than guaranteed to be an impact.

"The car is going to have a couple of dents in it at that pick," Demps said.

Dell Demps, master of understatement. The article implies that the Hornets aren't planning to move up in the draft, to nobody's shock.

If you want to learn about the people being drafted, take a look at Basketball Prospectus and Draft Express

I will pop in and out of the thread this evening, largely to laugh at the proceedings. I will probably know nothing about whoever the Hornets pick. Happy Drafting!!!