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Back From Vacation

Hi. Howdy. 

/awkward pause

Been a while, eh? Hope everyone's had a good couple weeks. I've sort of been on vacation and sort of not. What started as a ridiculously busy week at school and work morphed into an epiphany that, hey, not watching or writing or reading about basketball 24 hours a day is kind of liberating. Kind of like that time I didn't shave for a month. So a week gave way to two weeks and onto three weeks and so fourth (heh still got it). 

And I've basically stayed off of basketball in that time, outside of random snippets here and there. I had some vague concept that Miami and Dallas were/are playing well but definitely watched more football (the real kind) this Saturday than I had basketball the past four weeks. But, alas, all good things must conclude, and it really sucks that I'm going to have to watch two excellent teams play my favorite sport against each other for seven games over the next week. 

Today's kind of a catch up day for me, so if you'd fill me in in the comments about the latest proceedings, that'd be great. I think I'll come across the major stuff as I fire up some extraordinarily backlogged RSS feeds today, but some of the more obscure but definitely more important stuff like Aaron Gray's current weight accurate to the minute may slip through the cracks. 

And much kudos (chocolate chip flavor) to MrWayneKeller for his series of posts in my absence. Great content all around, and I'm looking forward to the Top 2 moments of the Hornets' season this week. 

Hope everyone is doing well.

- Rohan

P.S. Not sure why this is structured like a letter, but it just felt right. 

P.P.S. What is a blog?