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Announcing Monty Williams Week

Good morning, waggish mountaineers.

It was a pretty good weekend to be a Memphis Grizzly, not so great a weekend to be a Donald Trump, and ultimately a fantastic weekend to be an American citizen. I like to stay away from the political stuff on At the Hive, but much respect to the Navy Seals that made sure Operation OBL went down right and to all those soldiers and families that have and continue to sacrifice for this country. They make it possible for us to do silly things like watch sports and even sillier things like analyze those sports in ridiculous detail.

And speaking of analysis - haha, nicely done Rohan! - we'll be breaking down the Hornets' 2010-2011 season rather granularly over the next few weeks. Statistics, trends, players, coaches, it'll all be here. As you've no doubt gathered from the headline, we'll start with Monty Williams. But rather than devote one long post to him (remember this?), he gets his own week.

I don't want to give too much away, but I strongly believe the Hornets have found their coach for the future in Williams. Much credit is due to Jeff Bower and Hugh Weber for whittling down their final list to Williams (and Tom Thibodeau). There were certainly negatives this year, but there were also many, many positives to be found in Williams' rookie season. Over the course of this week, we'll try and delve into as many of those aspects as we can.

Of course, these reviews will be as much about your input as our analysis. To that end, we'll kick the week off with a reader poll which will stay open through Sunday. Vote below! (or die lol)

Have a great Monday, y'all.