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Hornets on the Internets: "Inesday" Edition

Today's the day the New Orleans Hornets can punch their ticket into the 2011 playoffs.

- If you missed it, the Memphis Grizzlies lost last night (keeping them a half game ahead of New Orleans), the Houston Rockets lost last night (lowering their "tragic" number to 1), and the Los Angeles Lakers lost as well (all but cementing their spot as the #2 seed).

- Jim Eichenhofer at has a preview of tonight's game with Houston.

- Ryan Schwan echoes an idea that has been brought up in essentially every At the Hive game thread for the last 75-odd games- New Orleans has awful shot selection

- I missed this yesterday, but Patrick Ewing Jr. has been resigned by the team for the rest of the season.

- James Grayson wonders if Sacramento's Omri Casspi could become a future Hornet target.

- That's it for now. Busy day ahead as both Mason and Andrew should be around with posts ahead of tonight's big game against Houston. Have a good one. Go Hornets.