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Hornets on the Internets: Game 2 Edition

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Good morning, adventurers. 

Some great linkage ahead of tonight's Game 2, so let's get to it.

- Let's lead with some great quotes from Arash Markazi's story for ESPN. Full article's worth your time as well.

- Carl Landry: "When you wake up in the morning, you open up the shades and there's Staples Center. Before you close the shades at night you see Staples Center again. It's pretty much all you think about all day."

- Trevor Ariza: "What do we got to lose? We're just out here playing care-free."

- Jarrett Jack: "Trevor has really helped us understand the nuances of the Triangle."

- Didier Mbenga: "I don't agree that 'We don't have anything to lose.' We have the game to lose. We have the series to lose. We're going to come in Wednesday to win. We didn't come in here to steal one game. We're a good team. We want to win this series and we think we're going to win this series."

- Sports Radio Interviews (now an SBNation property!) has a synopsis of Chris Paul's appearance on the Scott Van Pelt show yesterday.

- Bradley Handwerger reports that Aaron Gray is currently day-to-day. Gray has said that the decision will not be his and that he wants to play tonight.

- Monty Williams is not dwelling on the Hornets' Game 1 victory, according to the Los Angeles Times.

- Gerry V writes for the New Orleans Times-Pic that the war is just beginning.

- Alex Raskin asks on Hoopsworld whether, given the recent play of the Lakers, Game 1 was really as much of an upset as most insist it was.

- In terms of the actual game tonight, this link is probably most important- Los Angeles has spent the past two days scheming up ways to keep Paul under wraps in Game 2.

- Wednesday's Game 3 in New Orleans is sold out, and it's likely that by the team you read this, so is Game 4. Tickets for Game 6 go on sale at 2:00 p.m. central today.

- The most watched game of the opening weekend of the playoffs was Hornets-Lakers, with a 12% bump from Los Angeles' first playoff game of 2010.

Game 2 tips at 9:30 p.m. central tonight.