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Hornets on the Internets: Get Well, David Edition

- David West successfully underwent a surgical procedure on his knee on Tuesday. You can sign his online get well card here.

- Brett Martel writes for the AP that Chris Paul and Monty Williams are finding reasons to be confident, despite the team's lackluster regular season series record against the Lakers.

- The Times Picayune offers a very brief look back at the four games the Lakers won against New Orleans during the season.

- Says Kobe Bryant about the Los Angeles Lakers: "This team is weird." (via the L.A. Times)

- Bill Ingram has some great quotes from Monty Williams about Chris Paul over at HoopsWorld. I love this one especially:

- "The guys who are high on the steals list are usually guys who gamble a lot. [Chris] gets his steals within the framework of what we do. I played with Allen Iverson and Allen used to gamble a ton. He was a high steals guy, but it always hurt the backside of his defense because the other guys didn't know what he was doing. Chris gets his steals . . .sometimes he'll just run up to the guy and just rip his coat off and take the ball, and we're in awe. I'm getting credit or our defense is getting credit for that, but that was just him. I didn't realize that he was that kind of a defender, where he personally took it to heart when other point guards scored on him and how much of a defender he is."

- Check this Synergy Sports feature on the Hornets-Lakers. They'll be doing features on all the opening series, which is pretty cool.

- Writing for, Shaun Powell labels Carl Landry as one of ten X-factors to watch in the first round.

- Phil Jackson says of the Hornets, "New Orleans faded at the end of the year, but they are a very talented team."

- Finally, the New Orleans Voodoo have moved their scheduled home game from Friday, April 22nd - which coincided with the first home game for the Hornets in this series - to Thursday, April 21st.

It's the postseason, and we're playing a high profile opponent, so there should be plenty of news trickling in as the day goes by. As always, post it as you see it. 

Everybody have a great Friday, and go Hornets!