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At The Hive Contest: Win Will's Ticket(s)!

I am leaving to go on a 5 day cruise to Mexico on Saturday, which is great. The Hornets play at home during that time, which is not great. So in order to make myself feel better about missing a game, I will be giving away my ticket, as well as the ticket next to me (graciously donated by snavetrebor) for the game THIS Sunday (4/3) at 6pm CST against the Indiana Pacers. The tickets are in the Lower Bowl in the corner closest to the Hornets' bench. Interested? Click after the jump to see how you can win.

To keep this simple, I am going with a basic create-a-caption for the picture of Carl Landry above. If you don't know how that works, just come up with a funny/cute/smartass caption that could accompany the picture. Please only enter if you know for a fact you can attend the game. (We will know if you don't. We have spies.) If you know you can't go but want to make a funny caption anyway, that's great. Just say so in your comment. As I will be going down the mouth of the Mississippi when the winner is picked, Rohan will be picking his favorite caption and awarding the tickets to the winner. We'll go with a preliminary deadline of Saturday AM (subject to change at Rohan's discretion). Don't be shy. There are no bad entries, just post a comment so you have a chance to win. Good luck to all and Geaux Hornets!