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Hornets 121, Jazz 117: West Goes Down

That was undoubtedly one of the most exhausting games of basketball I've ever watched. It was a game that really had everything, and unfortunately, "everything" includes one of the more horrific injuries in recent memory.

The Hornets keep themselves in position to make a run at 6th or 5th place in terms of the standings, but we now await the results of medical tests on David West. On the replay? My first thought was Shaun Livingston. We'll be extraordinarily lucky if it's a hyperextension, but when David West, of all people, screams in agony for five straight minutes, the outlook seems bleak.

Similar to Chris Paul's injury in Cleveland, I really lost all interest in the game- even the wild shots and play of Emeka Okafor and Aaron Gray- after the injury. 

Our season, regardless of the outcome of this game, could very well be over. It may sound hyperbolic, but it's the truth.