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Your Take: Can Jarrett Jack succeed as a backup PG?

With the Hornets' bench looking rather pathetic in the last few games, I began to think, yet again, about the struggles of Jarrett Jack to perform well in a backup capacity. After having some very solid scoring games (4 straight in double digits off the bench) during the Mardi Gras road trip, Jack assumed the starting role for two games as Chris sat out with a concussion. In those two games, Jack scored 23 and 21, almost beating the Bulls and coming out as the hero in an upset bid over the Mavs. In the four games since then, Jarrett has managed a TOTAL of 11 points and six assists. Of note is that Jarrett averaged almost 30min a game on the road trip, even before Paul's injury. In the last four, he has only gotten to 20 minutes once, in the blowout loss to Denver. I'm sure many of you have heard rumors of Jack being unhappy with his role here in New Orleans. A quick scan of his more recent box scores as a Hornet seem to show a direct correlation between his playing time and his shooting/production. It is painfully obvious that the Hornets need more consistent play from Jack in order to make some noise in the playoffs. My question to you is this: are Jack's struggles due to his minutes being cut, or are his minutes being decreased due to his lackluster play? I realize this is kind of a chicken/egg argument here, but I think it's a rather interesting subplot of the Hornets' bench situation this year. Jack is obviously a talented player and can help this team, but can his talent show through on the nights where he only plays for 15 minutes? I'm interested to see what you good people think.  This is "Your Take" so I'll reserve my opinion for the comments like everyone else. Fire away.