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Hornets on the Internets: Monday! Edition

Your morning links. Happy National Common Courtesy Day! 

- Today is apparently a day to avoid rude behavior. I generally strive to conduct myself as would an uncouth peasant on a particularly egregious spell of out-of-control boorism so today promises to be rough.

- Alejandro de los Rios has a rundown of the remaining 11 games until the playoffs, at Blog of New Orleans.

- Jake Madison has some cool pictures and notes from Saturday's Hornet loss to the Boston Celtics.

- Our old pal Peja Stojakovic had himself a night against Golden State, nearly equaling the Warriors bench's scoring total on his own as the Mavericks locked up a playoff spot.

- 42 of Hornets247 has a nice write-up on Monty Williams' post game press conference from Saturday.

- This last link - my recommended link for the day - is neither recent (February) nor is it about basketball (soccer). But it's a really cool look at what makes home court advantage an advantage at all from a human physiology standpoint.