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Hornets on the Internets: Suns Win Aftermath Edition

Your morning links. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

- Let's start off with an interesting quote from Chris Paul the other day, via 42 from 247. Quoth CP: "We have changed a few things offensively and defensively so I am able to pick my spots a little more." Very interesting. 

- Next, off to some recaps of the Suns game across the Hornet Blogosphere (Blogohive? Blogohive). Check out the Times-Pic, Mason at Hoopdat, Grayson at Swarm and Sting, and Joe at Hornets247. Bright Side of the Sun has the Phoenix perspective

- Bradley Handwerger notes that Monty Williams was none too pleased with New Orleans' fourth quarter "collapse." 

- wattdog10 is doing a really cool player illustration project and linked this drawing of Chris Paul in the FanShots yesterday. My recommended link of the day is his blog where you can find all the pictures he's done so far.

- Finally, Marcus Thornton's Kings lost to Byron Scott's Cavaliers last night. This was the scene at the final buzzer:


- That's it for now; Paul will be around with a new column at noon. Have a great day y'all.