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Game 68: Hornets vs. Kings

2010-11 NBA Regular Season


38-29 vs
March 12th, 2011
New Orleans Arena
5:00 PM CST
Probable starters:
Chris Paul (?) > Luther Head (?)
Marco Belinelli
:( Marcus Thornton
Trevor Ariza < Francisco Garcia
David West
> DeMarcus Cousins
Emeka Okafor > Samuel Dalembert

Your Pregame Moment of Zen


The King Outlook

Here to talk Kings today is SBNation NBA head editor, arguably the best and most prolific basketball writer today, and the "Lord of the Turtles," Tom Ziller:

The Sacramento Kings are an unbelievably weird team to follow right now, and that's separate from the emotions of following a team with one foot out of the door. With no Tyreke Evans or Beno Udrih (flu), Luther Head and, of course, Marcus Thornton are in there. In addition to that, Francisco Garcia has won his old starting spot at small forward back, and Samuel Dalembert's excellence has pushed DeMarcus Cousins to power forward. And the team's actually been a bit successful! Other than a blow-out to the Rockets, the Kings have been competitive over the past couple of weeks, with the offensive glass and Thornton the biggest factors. Defense and shot selection and turnovers are usually all problems, but they haven't looked completely awful.

Check out Sactown Royalty for the Kings' perspective. The Kings are currently fighting to stay in Sacramento, with Sactown Royalty heading up a valiant effort for the 'Here We Stay' movement. If you can do anything at all to help them out, that would be awesome.

Finally, one last note- it's a very exciting day for At the Hive. Tonight, the site will have press credentials for the first time in its 4+ year history, spanning back to Ye Olde Word Presse days. Matt (Storm Surge Photo) will be courtside for us taking photos as he has been at a number of games for us this year, and Will will be at the game as a credentialed member of the media. Go Hornets.