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Hornets on the Internets: Aftermath of a Great Win Edition

Your morning links. Happy Thursday.

  • Let's start with a roundup of last night's action: Jimmy Smith for the Times-Picayune, Jim Eichenhofer for the Official, Ryan Schwan for Hornets247, Bradley Handwerger for WWLTV, and James Grayson for Swarm and Sting.
  • Some quelletes (via CST broadcast, the Times-Pic, and WWLTV):
    • Jarrett Jack:
      • "We're a blue collar ball club. We take on the personality of [Monty Williams]."
      • "Chris Paul was in my ear all night."
      • "The play was drawn up for me, try to get a flash, and a look at a 3. I saw Kidd kind of close in on me, so I could swipe under his arm."
      • "You can't put any added pressure on yourself. Coach always preaches to go back to your fundamentals. Just go through my normal routine, make sure my knees are bent, get my elbow under the ball. I'm a pretty good shooter."
    • Monty Williams:
      • "Mek was in that huddle and wanted to be perfect on the floor and he knew Dirk was going to come out. To be able to keep your balance on a guy that can shoot from anywhere, you can contest a shot and make him shoot in the air like that, it says a lot about Okafor's ability to do things away from the basket."
      • "Every game is a gotta win. Back in October, it was a gotta win. I don't differentiate that way."
  • For a good laugh, check out this idiotic comment from Jason Terry!
  • Marco Belinelli shoved Shawn Marion directly into a cameraman last night, earning a flagrant foul call and bruising Marion's ribs. Marion went in for x-rays last night which came out negative. All the best to him as he recovers. 
Finally, I'm pleased to announce that At the Hive is adding three new writers to the team this week. Paul Sondhi makes his @tH debut later this morning, so be sure to stop by in a little bit to give him a warm welcome.