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Hornets on the Internets: Marcus Thornton Shines Edition

Good morning! And Happy March!

  • Marcus Thornton (MT23) went off last night in Sacramento. He scored 29 points on 16 shots in an emotionally charged game where Sacramento Kings fans protested the franchise's potential move to Anaheim.
  • I'd also comment on the sentimental aspect of last night being the last game at "Arco Arena," but it's kind of their fault they went ahead and decided to name it "Powerbalance Pavilion" or whatever.
  • A quote bullet from Thornton's game:
    Reporter after game: "What got you going in the fourth quarter?"
    Thornton: "The fans. Reminded me of back in New Orleans."
  • In the FanPosts sidebar over yonder, unnamed proposes an interesting alternate theory about Chris Paul's tendency to appear disinterested during games.
  • Marc Spears writes for Yahoo! Sports that we should be worried about stars teaming up. On that note, Mark Kiszla notes for the Denver Post that Carmelo Anthony has shown stars the optimal way to move.
  • Surely you haven't forgotten Jason Smiht's jersey mishap from Sunday? Well, in 2006, Colorado Rockies midfielder Jason Smith had this happen to him.
  • Patrick Michael has four keys for the Hornets upcoming road trip at Yahoo!
  • Leon Powe was bought out of his Cleveland contract over the weekend, and the Hornets are one of four teams he is considering joining.
  • Gary Chouest news has been a bit on the backburner since the NBA take over, but yesterday, Bobby Jindal issued the first deep water drilling permit since the oil spill and subsequent moratorium. That's something to keep an eye on for sure.
  • Finally, yesterday's links brought some good nickname suggestions, and I'm personally a fan of RyanCaz's suggestion of the Tooth:

So today, let's vote on it. If it passes muster, I look forward to yelling "tooooooooooooooooooooooth" wildly while sleep walking. If it doesn't, we best be stepping our nickname game up.