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Hornets To Sign Sasha Pavlovic To 10-Day Contract

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To cope with the indefinite absence of Trevor Ariza, New Orleans will sign Sasha Pavlovic to a 10 day deal, reports the Times-Pic.

There's not too much to see here; Pavlovic has never had much NBA success despite a five season stint with the Cavaliers from 2004-2009. Oddly enough, Pavlovic seems to alternate between "excellent" and "mediocre" on his three point shot, year to year:

2004: 27%
2005: 39%
2006: 36%
2007: 41%
2008: 30%
2009: 41%
2010: 30%
2011: 44%

Outside of his shot, it's unclear what Pavlovic will provide other than some much needed bench depth. One would anticipate (hope for?) Quincy Pondexter being given the bulk of Ariza's minutes.