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Hornets on the Internets: Oscars Edition

Your morning links. This post actually has nothing to do with the Oscars, but I heard that might drive traffic. In other news, it's Monday. Boooooo.

  • If you're into the whole "reliving the horrific recent past" thing, here are a few game recaps for you to peruse from last night: Bradley Handwerger of WWL, Ken Trahan for, Mason Ginsberg for HoopDat, and Jake Madison of Swarm and Sting (congrats by the way to James Grayson and SaS for picking up a great writer in Jake). Also check out Hornets247, which I fail to link a specific post from not out of spite but because my browser (Chrome, Win7) crashed a couple times when I tried to open up the site. Hopefully you will not be so unlucky.
  • Jonathan Feigen writes for the Houston Chronicle that Landry feels he fits well in New Orleans. A couple quote bullets, aka QULLETES, from that story:
    • "I went from 13 wins to almost 40 overnight. I fit right in. Coach Williams told me the first day we were pretty much a defensive minded team, defense first. I like that because defense wins games."
    • "He told me just to be myself, be Carl. Really, no pressure."
  • The same story mentions that a couple nights after holding Deron Williams to a 3 for 12 night, Kyle Lowry held Chris Paul to a 2 for 12 performance. How much of that is on Chris Paul is for you, the reader, to decide obviously.
  • Bleacher Report says the Hornets should relocate. I should warn you that this is two minutes of your life you will not be getting back. I'm not sure why I'm linking it really. I probably should delete this whole bullet point. Yeah. Yep. Mhm.
  • Finally, a very important issue: what is the official At the Hive nickname of Carl Landry? Speak now or forever call him by whatever name some other commenter decides.