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Warriors 102, Hornets 89: We Suck

So I was going to break my recent string of lazy recap writing and really go all out tonight. Tackle the various play calls, the flow of the game, the substitution patterns, individual defense. 

Then whatever the hell that was.. happened.

And now? To call me unmotivated would be a ridiculous understatement. 

Instead of hard hitting analysis and expert thoughts, I'm simply left with questions. So, so many questions. And I figure we may as well talk them out instead of me giving "answers." So off we go. In no particular order..

  • The Hornets' small ball lineup certainly played a role in their demise tonight. Is it justifiable given the lack of Oak, or should Monty have trusted in Mbenga/Gray/Andersen more before garbage time?
  • Why refuse to play Marcus Thornton due apparently to one, single defensive lapse, against the backdrop of atrocious, indefensible perimeter defense all across the floor? 
  • When, if ever, will Marcus Thornton learn better finishing moves at the rim (CP's eurostep comes to mind) instead of barreling into defenders? This is especially exacerbated by the ease with which he gets to the rim in the first place.
  • Is Willie Green's efficiency since assuming a starting role sustainable?
  • Serious question: with Green starting, is there a better defensive player on our bench than Marcus Thornton at any position? Who and why?
  • Does the three guard lineup have any redeeming values whatsoever?
And finally the two most important questions of the night:
  • Why the $#!@ is Jarrett Jack playing shooting guard?
  • Seriously Chris Paul?