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Hornets on the Internets: Byron Scott Wins! Edition

Your morning links. Happy Monday!
  • If you missed it, the long Cleveland nightmare ended, at long last, against (duh) the Los Angeles Clippers. 
  • Other league news: DeMarcus Cousins, earlier nicknamed the "Human Travel" but more recently nicknamed the "Human Disgruntlement," was sent off Sacramento's team plane ahead of the Kings' game with the Phoenix Suns due to an altercation with Donte Greene. 
  • Will Jerry Sloan's resignation change people's opinions on Deron Williams?
  • Check out OnPointLikeCP3's midseason awards predictions Fan Shot.
  • MrWayneKeller posted a great story on the weekend about Monty Williams and his childhood. My recommended read for the day. 
  • No new news on Mek unfortunately.