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Hornets on the Internets: Emeka Okafor's Streak Ends Edition

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Your morning links. Happy African American Coaches Day

  • Let's start with the bad news: After playing every single game since March 28th, 2007, Emeka Okafor will be sidelined tonight with a strained oblique muscle. I don't imagine David Andersen or Didier Mbenga will get the start, so that leaves Jason Smith.
  • Our old friend Mustafa Shakur is making waves with the Washington Wizards, who visit New Orleans tonight.
  • Speaking of the Wizards, they're yet to win a road game in 24 attempts this season. I'd be lying if I said I'm not at least mildly terrified the Hornets might end that streak tonight.
  • This is a couple days old, but Marc Spears (who I got to meet in Vegas; cool guy) has Chris Paul atop his list of MVP candidates.
  • Here are some Synergy-provided defensive numbers on both the Wizards and the Hornets.
  • Despite back to back losses, New Orleans still comes in at 6th in Hollinger's statistical rankings. As many of you have pointed out (and I have been hesitant to admit), two losses isn't something to get overly worked up about. Let's hope we pick things up tonight against Washington.