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Chris Paul Trade Still a Thing Maybe, David West To Return Maybe

Just as quickly as the Offseason of Chris Paul, Version 2 built towards dizzying ataxia, it all came crashing down yesterday, with the Warriors reportedly adamant they will not include Steph Curry in any deals, the Clippers refusing to put Eric Gordon or Minnesota's unprotected 2012 pick into offers, and the Lakers' old, already rejected offer of Pau Gasol randomly given renewed national media attention.

It's quite possible that these are just fronts from both Los Angeles (Clippers) and Golden State. The Warriors, after all, continue to negotiate with Tyson Chandler, with whom they met in L.A. on Tuesday, and if a deal gets done with him, they'll assuredly be right back in the Chris Paul hunt with more fervor than before. But the fact remains that a deal before the opening of training camp tomorrow seems very unlikely at this point.

Dell Demps would be wise not to come across as desperate for a deal in the next few days, and if ESPN is to be believed, that's exactly what's happening; Marc Stein and Chris Broussard report that, "the Hornets are prepared to wait for offers to improve, convinced that they they're getting low-ball proposals at this early stage of the process based on the external belief that they're so motivated to move Paul they will rush into a deal."

It doesn't mean that we'll see an all-the-way-to-the-deadline, Melo-style drama unfold in New Orleans, but the current timeline could very well be a bit prolonged. In any case, the only real news of value from that ESPN story is buried at the very bottom of Broussard's reporting:

"Perhaps the only solace for the Hornets so far this week is the apparent struggles of free-agent power forward David West to attract the offers he envisioned after suffering a season-ending knee injury in March. Sources say West is gradually warming to the idea of returning to New Orleans."

Is West not getting offers an indication that his knee isn't as up to snuff as many first presumed? Is that reading too far into things? Who knows. Ultimately though, if West's market price has indeed had a couple million slashed off of the original assumed price ($10 to $12M in my earlier estimation), that's nothing but good news for us.