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Glen "Big Baby" Davis Would Be Interested in the Hornets

The free agent links are coming fast and furious now. The Hornets are reportedly interested in Jamal Crawford (post and analysis on this soon), David West, Carl Landry, Jason Smith, and now the Boston Celtics' Glen Davis.

Glen Davis is an unrestricted free agent who made $6M over the course of the 2010-2011 season. Depending on how things shake out with David West and Carl Landry, that might be more than the Hornets could offer him, but if the team moves in a different direction, Davis may well be within the team's budget. And the interest could be reciprocal, as the Times Picayune reports that "Davis, a free agent who has played four seasons with the Boston Celtics, has listed the Hornets as one of the teams he would consider if offered a deal"

Davis is an undersized power forward who rebounded (both offensively and defensively) below the league average for the position in 2010-2011. He also struggled to score efficiently from the floor -- he's had a sub-45% figure from the floor for each of the last three seasons -- though he did manage to cut down on his historically poor foul rate last season. Multiple signs point to Davis being a poor signing for a contending team looking for an x-factor role player, let alone one that may be in full-on rebuilding mode. Davis' local ties and history of winning may unfortunately be a trump card though.