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Suns 93, Hornets 78: Arguably the Worst Offensive Game in Franchise History


Well that was ugly, gang. How ugly? 28.9%, the Hornets' FG% tonight, is the worst in the 23 year history of the franchise.

Some quick notes:

- Excellent job in three areas by the Hornets:

(1) on the offensive glass, the team pulled down 40% of their own misses. League average is 26%. Obviously, expressed as a percentages, this is independent of the fact that the Hornets' ridiculous number of misses afforded them more rebounding opportunities. Emeka Okafor and Carl Landry were primarily responsible for the offensive glass numbers, picking up 13 between them.

(2) on the defensive glass, the team rebounded 75% of the Sun's misses. League average is 73%. Nothing too spectacular, but nice to see a team effort here, especially Aminu's 5 defensive rebounds off the bench.

(3) The defense was again effective enough. The Hornets allowed 93 points on 87 possessions, around a league average figure. Obviously, Phoenix hasn't been playing well this year, but this is annually one of the best offensive units in the league. There can be no doubt that the offense lost this game.

- And lose it they did. 26 for 90. Yeesh. Shot creation is going to be a problem for this team all year, and minus Eric Gordon, the issue is only exacerbated. Jarrett Jack repeatedly took questionable shots, and in many cases, they were far and away the most viable option the Hornets had. The only real positive I'm taking away from tonight on the offensive end is Greivis Vasquez's 5 assist/0 turnover game. Again, if he can continue to create without giving away the ball, he can be a valuable piece off the bench.

Other than those (rather minor) positives, let's just wash this one away.