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Jarrett Jack Returns, Paul Pierce Out Of Boston Tilt, and Other Wednesday Stories

This picture is awesome.
This picture is awesome.

Hello there!

In the day ('n nites) since we last saw the Hornets, the Minnesota Timberwolves' loss count has gone from one to two! I know some of y'all aren't big on the shameless anti-rooting that optionally supplements Hornets' fandom this season, but I'll gleefully take every early-season Wolves' loss we can get before Rick Adelman and that team start winning some ball games (and they most definitely will).

On we go then to some stories.

- Jarrett Jack, who you'll recall idiotically decided to drive a car under the ever popular "influence," is in line for a return to the starting lineup tonight against the Boston Celtics. Greivis Vasquez and Squeaky Johnson did a reasonable enough job holding down the point on Monday, but the Hornets sorely lacked creativity overall. Jack isn't necessarily the guy to bring that, but he is a borderline starter-quality PG who will occasionally toss in some very decent games.

- Paul Pierce, who missed Boston's losses to the New York Knicks on Sunday and the Miami HEAT last night, looks likely to sit out today's game as well. Doc Rivers said yesterday that Pierce's season will likely begin on Friday due to a bruised heel.

- Over at Hornets247, Jake Madison has some very interesting musings on the difference between a "casual fan" and a more hardcore one, especially as it pertains to what fans "want." Tanking, he argues, makes more sense to the more dialed in fan. Definitely give the whole thing a read. And fire away here as to your opinion on it. Where do New Orleans fans fall in general on this spectrum? Is it short-sighted to generalize an entire fanbase or are there teams that could more "successfully" pull off a tanking strategy to rebuild than others?

- Sean Deveney of the Sporting News argues that teams essentially have a seven year window to make a star happy after drafting him. Don't do it, and you lose him as the Hornets did with Chris Paul (6 years) and Orlando probably will with Dwight Howard (6+). It's an interesting topic both in light of CP3's departure and also with Eric Gordon's first extension deadline (January 25th, 2012) looming in the near future. I'll have more on this in the next week or so, but would you offer Gordon the max extension ($18M) right now? Would you wait a few more games to see how his game has developed? Or would you shy away from the max completely?

That's all I got for now; post any other links as you see 'em. Check back around midday for the game preview and open thread, and to all, the merriest of Wednesdays.