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Welcome, Chris Kaman

We'll surely talk a lot more about Chris Kaman's basketball ability in the coming days* and months, in addition to his value as an expiring contract and so forth. His fit in the front court alongside Emeka Okafor, Carl Landry, and Jason Smith will be interesting to watch. But! Today, let us focus on more important things. Let us talk of the time Chris Kaman created his own trucking company, the time Chris Kaman shot a 1988 Ford Taurus with a .50 caliber rifle, and, indeed, the time Chris Kaman set off $10,000 worth of illegal explosives. Yes, let us do that now, via the medium of video. Hello Youtubes!

We start simple, with one of my favorite (inexplicably) Youtube videos of all time:

Next up, his trucking background..

Onto firing assorted weaponry!

And last but not least, illegal explosives!

Update: Youtube has apparently deleted the video, so you'll need to follow this link to see things explode. It's worth it, trust.

So there we are. Welcome Chris Kaman!

*and tonight! Join our game thread this evening to talk about our second game against the Memphis Grizzlies and likely Eric Gordon's first game as a Hornet.