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Chris Paul Trade: Clippers Deal Dead Again

For the second time in less than a week, the Hornets' negotiations with the Clippers have been put on hold. This time, of course, the proposed trade progressed much further. Still it's unclear exactly what pieces were involved. We don't know if Gordon was in the trade at all, and while Minnesota's unprotected pick was part of the package according to more sources, it's clear the NBA and the Clippers were haggling over other parts as well.

Until we know exactly what the proposed deal was, it would be wise to lay off the David Stern critiques for the time being. It's still the Hornets that hold onto the important asset here, and with the league's artificially imposed leverage on the situation, to think that further deals will materialize in the future is not unreasonable. The league's original veto has definitely hurt the Hornets' initial position, but until this fully plays out, I'd stay clear of both staunch defenses and incensed tirades against Stern. There's still a ways to go here.

So keep those things in mind as you consider Y!'s report on the dealings:

The Los Angeles Clippers rejected NBA commissioner David Stern’s steep demands to complete a trade for New Orleans Hornets All-Star guard Chris Paul, and talks of a blockbuster deal perished on Monday afternoon, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Sources didn’t preclude the talks from re-starting again, but the Clippers weren’t willing to meet the the NBA and Hornets demands for Paul, sources said.

Yes, this is one of the most awkward training camps in history. Yes, our Friday preseason game may be hilarious. And yes, Monty Williams and Dell Demps are in absolutely atrocious positions right now. But let's keep in mind that this is far from over.