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Chris Paul All-Star Pick Up Game Thread

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Based on how many more times Dwyane Wade brays at David Stern/how many more lumberjackets Baron Davis has in his ironic Cleveland log cabin, there's a slim chance that due to the never-ending stream of summer "All Star" "Classics," the NBA lockout actually gives us way more basketball than we were otherwise entitled to. 

Today's Classic is the big one for Hornet fans - it's hosted by Chris Paul, it's in his hometown, and there's a possible David West (in, presumably, civilian attire) sighting in it for us. The only thing that could make this day more spectacular would be Willie Green playing starting shooting guard for both teams, but he, unfortunately, will be fighting in New York today for his right to do that in a more professional capacity.

Anyways, NBAers on deck for today include L. James, C. Anthony, K. Durant, J. Wall, S. Curry, and most importantly, Earl Smith the Third, according to Yahoo!'s Marc Spears. The Third, as I just discovered yesterday, will be barred from returning to the NBA even if the lockout is resolved due to the nature of his new contract with Chinese side "Golden Bulls." So for anyone hoping for a Paul-Smith reunion this year (me!), it's happening in the most depressing and ephemeral way possible.

The game starts at 6 Central, with a live stream available through the CP3 Foundation HERE.