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Trevor Ariza Watch, Early January Edition

Trevor Ariza's offensive woes have been well documented, so we may as well have some fun with it.

Of course, by "some fun," I mean some comparisons with other historically bad players. Ariza's strong play last night raises his averages somewhat, but as you'll see after the jump, he has some work to do.

Lowest Offensive Rating for Players Averaging 10 Shots Per Game (3 Point Era)

5. Adam Morrison, L.A. Lakers, 2007: 91
4. Willie Green, Philadelphia, 2007: 91
3. Trevor Ariza, New Orleans, 2011: 91
2. Michael Olawakandi, L.A. Clippers, 2002: 90
1. Mark Macon, Denver, 1992: 88

Mr. Green makes an appearance right behind Ariza at #4. In case you were wondering, Willie Green's 7.2 FGA/g this season aren't enough to qualify for the arbitrary stat limit I made up for this post, but he's currently sporting an offensive rating of 98, or around 9 points below the NBA league average. The math wizzes out there will already have realized that this makes Ariza's 91 mark is, gulp, 16 points below league average.

On to the next one. I'll make this one a top 10 list since some interesting names pop up (and it increases the suspense as to who's number one! And by number one, I mean number the exact opposite of one!)

Lowest Three Point Percentage for Players Averaging as Many Threes As Ariza (3 Point Era)

10. Jamal Mashburn, Dallas, 1994: 28.4%
9. Charles Barkley, Houston, 1997: 28.3%
8. Baron Davis, L.A. Clippers, 2010: 27.7%
7. Latrell Sprewell, Golden State, 1995: 27.6%
6. Antoine Walker, Miami, 2007: 27.5%
5. Antoine Walker, Dallas, 2004: 26.9%
4. Mookie Blaylock, Atlanta, 1998: 26.9%
3. Joe Johnson, Atlanta, 2011: 26.9%
2. Jeff Green, Oklahoma City, 2011: 26.5%
1. Trevor Ariza, New Orleans, 2011: 24.8%

When you factor in 2011 Mo Williams 27.5% on 4 attempts a night and 2011 Linas Kleiza's 29.2% on 3.5 attempts a night, it gets that much weirder. Essentially, the three worst (or "most harmful") three point shooting seasons in the history of the NBA are all happening as we speak. Anyone else find that as incredible as I do? 

And as far as Trevor Ariza goes... yeesh.