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Hornets on the Internets: All Star Starters Edition

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We're light on Hornet specific stuff this morning, so as always, post 'em as you see them.

  • First up: Chris Paul was named an All Star starter last night. He's the first Hornet in franchise history to be named a starter twice. 
  • For the record, I think the All Star selection process is pretty, pretty dumb; if there were any justice to it, this would be Paul's 6th appearance, not his 4th.
  • Via Jim Eichenhofer, there were more All Star ballots filled out in New Orleans Arena than in any other NBA venue in the country. That's kind of awesome.
  • The guys on TNT didn't mention any Hornets as potential reserves. Personally, I think David West stands a solid chance of being voted in by the coaches, and I'll review his All Star case here soon.
  • The other cool part of All Star Weekend this year? The Skills Challenge. Fans can vote for four "challengers" who will earn the right to face Chris Paul. CP's video on is pretty amusing. It should be noted that two of the players you can vote for are Derek Fisher and Baron Davis. Seriously.