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Hornets on the Internets: Our Defense is Awesome Editon

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Your morning links. Happy Monday.

  • Let's start off with this gif posted in the recap thread of Chris Paul breaking Tony Parker's ankles. 
  • Staying with At the Hive links, check out Red Hopeful's quick summary of Chris Paul's appearance on Inside the NBA last week.
  • Jimmy Smith writes for the Times-Pic that Trevor Ariza stepped up against the Spurs despite the tendinitis in his right ankle.
  • With the Hornets playing their final home game today before the end of the attendance benchmark measurement interval, an announcement is expected today about the team's future in New Orleans.
  • Joel Brigham writes for HoopsWorld that though San Antonio and Los Angeles are considered the best teams in the west, the Hornets are starting to make a case for themselves.
  • Rob Mahoney writes for the New York Times blog that the Hornets are staying relevant with an elite defense.
  • Finally, here's a random one: did you know Chris Paul visited Lil Wayne when Wayne was in jail?