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Sunday Discussion: 2011 All Star Starters

The NBA's last voting update was released last week. The final rosters will be released in a little more than a week. As of now, the West goes Paul-Bryant-Melo-Durant-Yao and the East goes Rose-Wade-James-Amare-Howard.

So today's discussion, naturally, is who you'd select to start in the All-Star game. No backups, just the ten guys that will be on the floor at tip. 

The big debates (for me, at least) come down to Rose and Rondo at East guard, Amare and Kevin Garnett at East forward, and Melo and Durant vs. Kevin Love and Dirk at West center. There's also the matter of picking out the injury replacement starter for Yao. Andrew Bynum is currently the second leading vote getter at center, but since David Stern will be selecting the replacement (and not the fans), it's doubtful Bynum would get the nod.

And while we're at it, who have been the two best coaches in each conference?

For what it's worth, here are my ten:

West: CP3/Kobe/Dirk/KLove/Nene (Popovich)
East: Rose/Wade/LBJ/Amare/Howard (Thibodeau)