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Post-Game Thread: Hornets: 92, Magic: 89. Hornets Debunk the Magic in Overtime.

No full recap tonight guys, Rohan and MWK were stuck in class, and I'm a bit busy. However, if you want to discuss the game, here's the place. Tonight's game was alternately exhilarating and infuriating, and while the infuriating parts weren't fun, it was one of those games that reminds you why you love basketball.

A few talking points before I go:

  • Marcus Buckets Thornton. I hate that Marco got hurt, and I hope he's alright, but it was great to see Marcus break out of his funk and get some real playing time. He scored 22 points (on 18 shots - not superb, but decent efficiency) and grabbed 9 rebounds. He played hero at the end by sinking a mid range jumper and nailing two crucial free throws. He played 32 minutes tonight, and Monty kept him on the floor throughout the later stages of the game. Rejoice ye lovers of Thornton.
  • Last season, Dwight Howard made Emeka Okafor look silly. Tonight, Okafor held his own. Sure, Dwight put up insane numbers (29 points on 19 shots, 2 blocks and 20 rebounds), but Okafor had a nice game himself with 18 points on 11 shots and 14 rebounds.
  • Statistically, Ariza had another surprisingly efficient game. Let's hope this becomes a trend. On the other hand, he can be a ball stopper even when he is shooting well.
  • The game probably never should have gone into overtime. The Hornets kind of botched it late in the fourth. Thankfully, they recovered and snapped the Magic's nine game winning streak. The Hornets have won six of their last ten.
  • Lots of other things to potentially discuss. Keep it going in the comments.