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Hornets on the Internets: War Eagle Edition

Your morning links. Happy National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day.
  • Auburn beat Oregon last night, meaning that some major national championship droughts have ended this year - Saints (never), Giants (50+ years), and Auburn (50+ years). Maybe the Hornets can end a drought this year! Sadly, basketball hasn't been kind over the last year - the Lakers and Duke both won titles.
  • James Grayson says that the Hornets have alienated the fan base, but that the NBA can still work in the Crescent City.
  • The Philadelphia Daily News reports on Willie Green's return to basketball after the tragic death of his sister in a car wreck.
  • We're a little light on Hornets news today, so here's some news about a former Hornet: Julian Wright is settling down in Toronto nicely, and is becoming a productive player.
  • Around the NBA, the big news is still the Carmelo Anthony trade that wasn't but still might be: Mike Prada says the Nuggets should stop getting cold feet, and Andrew Sharp compares Anthony's actions to LeBron's Decision fiasco.
  • Reality Check: The Hornets still have the best Defensive Rating in the Western Conference, but their Offensive Rating has slipped to second-worst in the West, barely nosing out the lowly Kings. Basketball-Reference's Simple Rating System has the Hornets as the 4th-best team in the West, just a little ahead of the Jazz.